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Support + Alimony

Spouses getting a divorce can lock away the painful episodes that created the acrimony or pack up the disagreements that lead to the dissolution, but if they leave the marriage without locking up a fair and equitable financial arrangement, they may find themselves with a brand new box of problems.
Whether it’s child support or alimony, our Legal Advocate Group P.A. team has helped clients carve out agreements that put them in a position to move on without encountering financial obstacles down the road. The freedom that divorce grants will dissipate if you end up burdened by child support and alimony payments that go beyond your financial needs. The same can be said of a person whose ex-spouse fails to meet the financial obligations set by the court.
Florida Family Law uses the need of the child to determine child support payments. It measures the financial wherewithal of each ex spouse and strives to create a formula of support that ensures the mother and father play a fair role in providing the necessities of life for the child. Based on a number of factors, that formula often is not equitable.
However, in rotating and split custody cases, the court may require no child support payments.
Like child support, alimony can be awarded by the court based on a number of factors, including the duration of the marriage and the standard of marriage established during the marriage. The forms of alimony require range from permanent periodic alimony to help a spouse maintain the standard of living he or she enjoyed during the marriage to a lump-sum alimony, which can be in lieu of the periodic alimony payments.
In both child support and alimony, awards can be modified if the ex-spouse making the monthly payments suffers a decrease in income of if the ex-spouse receiving the payments remarries. Modification requests can be as challenging as the original agreement.
Tackling the challenges of financial divorce agreements requires child support and alimony attorneys who understand the complicated calculus of court orders and how judges reach decisions. At the Legal Advocate Group P.A., we have helped clients use Florida Family Law to create a winning formula.
At the same time, we’ve been completely cognizant of the emotional challenges that factor into these difficult decisions. We bring expertise and empathy to every case to help clients reach agreements that are manageable and meaningful.
We can assist whether you’ve fallen behind on payments or need an ex-spouse to fulfill an obligation.
If you need assistance in handling the complexities of child support and alimony, let us lend you the expertise, attention and care you rightfully deserve. Your new journey deserves nothing less.
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