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Criminal Defense

If you’ve been arrested for a felony, misdemeanor or traffic offense, a maze of legal options stand before you. And you can’t navigate those complexities by stumbling through a judicial system that can be cold and dark.
The Legal Advocate group P.A. can light a path to fair and just treatment. We’re ready to fight for your constitutional rights and guide you through a process that can be confusing and intimidating if you don’t have proper legal representation.
The LAG team delivers expertise and empathy with every case it handles. We’re armed with the criminal trial experience to be successful in court, but we also have the professional approach needed to help clients deal with the fear and uncertainty that comes with facing criminal charges.
As a Tampa Bay-based criminal defense law firm, we hold a complete understanding of the local judicial system. The LAG team has gained knowledge about how the area’s justices hold court and how state attorneys operate because we’ve previously worked as criminal prosecutors and we’ve faced off against the current prosecutors.
We’ve successfully represented our clients in state, federal and appellate court, always focusing on their rights and entitlements. At LAG, we employ a bold and aggressive approach. We won’t let the system take advantage of your situation.
At the same time, we will patiently explain your legal options, sharing the details while never forgetting the emotional challenges you’re enduring because you’re grappling with a criminal charge. The LAG team never views any case as too small, too big or too complicated.
Don’t get lost in the maze of the criminal system. Let us lend you the expertise, attention and care you rightfully deserve. Let us be your beacon of justice.
Contact the Tampa family lawyers at LAG today by calling (813) 304-8447.
We’re ready to help.