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The host rips open the envelope, examines the blood test results and exclaims, “You. Are. The. Father.” The beleaguered mother sheds tears, the embattled father hangs his head and the studio fills with audible catcalls, deafening cheers and unnerving laughter.
Determining paternity has become fodder for daytime television, but it’s no laughing matter in Florida Family Law courts. Some may choose to use this serious legal situation as a tool to garner 15 minutes of fame, but wise would-be parents seek the counsel of an attorney.
At the Legal Advocate Group, our team recognizes that paternity issues can extend beyond an hour-long reality show to the reality of life. That’s why our paternity attorneys have handled the requirements of such cases with a level of expertise and empathy we deliver to every client.
Paternity generally becomes a major issue when a single mother gives birth, because no man is presumed to be the father’s child under Florida Family Law. The uncertainty brings into question the unmarried father’s parental rights and obligations, including the right to custody or visitation and the obligation to support the child.
The LAG family law attorneys understand the type and reliability of the tests used to determined paternity. We know the costs involved and the fact that while a mother may have to pay for initial tests, the court can require the man to reimburse her if the the test proves positive.
Single mothers should not be forced to raise a child without fatherly and financial support. The court can’t require the father to be an integral part of a child’s life, but it can require him to provide the necessities of life for the child. Paternity often stands as the first step to positively impacting a child’s path in life.
If you need an attorney to help you through the varied issues associated with paternity suits, let us lend you the expertise, attention and care you rightfully deserve. With our assistance, you can avoid the legal pitfalls of paternity and lead a life that shouldn’t be defined by a talkshow host.
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