Even when it seems like you’ve taken every step to ensure everything goes right, sometimes disputes crop up.

Mediation, in regards to law, is defined as Alternative Dispute Resolution. Typically, a third party, or us in this case, assists the parties to negotiate a settlement. This may happen in a variety of locations, such as commercial, legal, diplomatic, workplace, community/family matters. Meditation is not limited to a one-hour session or a few phone calls, we will be with you from the time of pre-mediation discussions to post-mediation follow-ups.

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What are some advantages to mediation?

  1. Mediation provides an opportunity to talk with someone who is impartial.
  2. The issues in your dispute are not decided by someone else (self-determination).
  3. The process is totally confidential.
  4. Overcome obstacles to communication with the other party.
  5. Mediation agreements are legally enforceable.
  6. Flexible solutions to meet the needs of all parties.
  7. Mediation is not a trial nor an arbitration.
  8. Save time and money!
  9. You know what you have agreed to in mediation instead of waiting on the decision of the court.
  10. Gain a greater understanding about why the dispute arose.


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For more information about Mediation, contact the law officers today!

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