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Divorce Proceedings

Maybe the memories of the beautiful bridal gown and the sleek tux have given way to unmet expectations and fading possibilities. Maybe the well-wishes of family and friends at that special ceremony have have turned to wishing for more. Maybe the hope and happiness that seemed so real on that special day have yielded to an unfulfilled daily grind.
Sometimes, the joy of your wedding turns into a series of joyless assessments: what went wrong, who’s to blame, what about the kids, what about the house?
But one question stands above all the rest: How do I make things right?
At the Legal Advocate Group P.A., we provide our clients with the information they need to find the right answer. Depending on the situation, we may encourage counseling because when it comes to divorce, certainty needs to be established. Once the divorce process begins, reconciliation grows increasingly difficult.
We explore the mental aspects of the decision and how it can turn your life inside-out. We inquire if it’s a necessary step because of domestic abuse.
If you have reached the point where divorce appears to be the only solution, we will lend clarity to a situation that can easily be clouded by frustration, sadness. Our attorneys at the Legal Advocate Group P.A. possess the experience, knowledge, respect and vision to guide you to an acceptable resolution. As a Tampa-­based Family Law and Divorce Law Firm, we understand the complexities of divorce.
At the same time, we know the emotions involved because we’ve helped so many clients go through the process. We’ve successfully help people endure the stress and frustration that arises from legally challenging someone who can adversely impact your property, income and child custody rights.
You need someone who can deliver expertise and empathy. We’re prepared to provide the special attention and care you rightfully deserve. We may not be able to restore the joy of wedding day, but we can help put you in a position to create new memories.
Contact the Tampa family lawyers at LAG today by calling (813) 250-3500.
We’re ready to help.