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Child Custody

Child Custody Hearings

Hearts grow larger and pride swells when a mom and dad beam at the site of their newborn child, wrapped only in a blanket and innocence. Each day after that momentous occasion, the unconditional love parents share with their children grows.
In the best situations, divorce doesn’t disrupt Childthat bond.
At the Legal Advocate Group P.A., we’ve spent years helping mothers and fathers craft achieve those optimum results with parenting plans that deepen that love while fostering a mutual respect between the parents.
But it’s not easy.
Through our expertise as Tampa Family Lawyers, we know the age of the child must be taken into consideration when forming a plan.
With extremely young children, our child custody attorneys emphasize structure, routine and predictability.
With children between the ages of 9 and 12, our child custody attorneys can help you avoid the pitfalls of anger and assigning blame that typically come with children of this age.
Different factors come into play when the parenting plan involves teenagers, who already have to endure the challenge of moving from adolescence to adulthood. In these cases, the LAG child custody attorneys focus on allowing the teenagers to have a voice in crafting the plan, ensuring they have access to friends and creating agreement between the parents about rules regarding curfew, dating and finances.
With any plan, one of the biggest keys involves blending the needs and desires of the parents and children with the allowances of Florida’s complex child custody and support laws. The court always will require parents to make the child’s best interest the primary consideration in crafting a parenting plan. Florida Family Law also will require the court to review a laundry list of factors involving the parents’ capabilities ranging from physical and mental health to the parents’ moral fitness and geographic location.
With the guidance of the court and the cooperation of the parents, the Legal Advocate Group P.A. can help a mother and father design a thoughtful plan that eases the challenges of divorce for the entire family. We craft agreements that focus on the child’s happiness, and through our experiences, we know that helping the child understand how custody will be shared leads to more happiness.
When the child understands how the parents will handle birthdays, holidays, school and medical care, he enjoys the developing peace between mom and dad and more readily accepts the co-parenting approach. The peace also will help you coexist with your ex-spouse.
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