Tampa Family Law: What documents are needed in divorce proceedings?


In order to investigate the possibility of hidden assets in divorce proceedings, specific documents are required. Yourfamily lawyer in Tampa will be a valuable resource in compiling this information.

Statements From the Bank
An experienced family lawyer in Tampa can tell a great deal about a divorcing couple by examining their financial records. The vast majority of any couple’s financial transactions are recorded in their bank statements. These accounts show what was deposited, what was withdrawn and when and can serve the family attorney in Tampa excellently well as a quick financial reference summarizing a couple’s income (missing or not) and expenditures.

Examination of these records can provide valuable insights into the relationship between what the couple brought in and what went out. This is important information for the family attorney in Tampa working with them, but while bank statements reflect inter-account transfers, electronic payments and other kinds of transactions, they may not offer enough detail concerning particular financial matters. This information is more likely to be found in a check register.

The Checkbook Register
To provide specific information concerning each transaction, the family attorney in Tampa must turn to the check register. Whether the couple keeps this record manually on paper or electronically, it still documents every deposit and identifies every payment or purchase made by check.

All of this information is useful to the family lawyer in Tampa as a means of discovering any assets that may have been concealed. A check register that is kept current can serve as evidence of transactions because, whether they are on paper or are automatic payments made online, there is still a reliable record that can be made available.

Canceled Checks
In the course of an investigation, your family lawyer in Tampa can also request the original canceled checks to be held as evidence. If the divorce is especially bitter or the litigation actually turns criminal, such evidence may be of great importance.

Not all banks return canceled checks to their clients. Many have gone to a checkbook system that provides a pressure-made copy that is retained in the checkbook. The purpose of this tendency is to reduce expenditures for the bank. If your family lawyer in Tampa must obtain the original checks, a fee is normally charged. It is up to you and your attorney to determine whether or not the evidence provided by the check is of sufficient importance to your case to outweigh the expense involved in obtaining it.

If You Have Questions
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