Tampa Family Law: How Alimony is Calculated


Clients of a Tampa family lawyer will often have questions about how alimony is calculated.

A Tampa Family Attorney Will Explain How Alimony Works

When a marriage has ended, one spouse might receive payments from the other. This is known as alimony. Your Tampa family attorney will tell you that the factors that are taken into account for alimony differ depending on the state and usually go on a case by case basis.

Your Tampa Family Lawyer Understands the Variables of Alimony

Courts will have a guideline, known as statutory variables, upon which they come to a decision on how much alimony will be paid. There are many issues that come into play when a decision is made as to how much alimony, if any, will be paid.

A Disparity in Income Could Be Important With the Question of Alimony

If your Tampa family attorney finds that there is a substantial difference between the incomes of the two parties, it can be for many reasons. Perhaps one has a higher level of education, intelligence or skill sets. Maybe one spouse chose to be a homemaker while the other worked. Often, the disparity is due to gender issues. It is more common for women to decide to stay at home with children than it is for men. Therefore, they are frequently the ones who will receive alimony. It’s a fact that men generally make more money than women do.

A Tampa Family Lawyer Will Calculate the Disparity in Incomes When Alimony Is Being Determined

Regardless of the reasons for the disparity in incomes, a Tampa family attorney will recognize that there’s a difference between the amount of money that one party brings in over another and try to come to a reasonable amount that will help the spouse receiving it be supported after the divorce.

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