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I evaluated several Family Law attorneys before meeting with Syed and was immediately impressed with his knowledge and description of the impending legal proceedings. He was direct and clear while explaining how things would unfold and I was immediately confident in his abilities to represent me. Both he and his assistant were always forthcoming with information and advice, directing me through my preparation for the divorce process. His efforts directly contributed to our successful mediation, which helped avoid a more costly pathway. He developed an outstanding legal plan which resulted in my balanced custody agreement and protected by TSP savings and retirement from being partitioned. Syed was a difference maker in my divorce proceedings and I cannot recommend him enough.

In this article, a Tampa family attorney explains the sources and uses of such financial records as balance sheets in the evaluation and division of the marital estate.

Where a Tampa Family Attorney May Obtain a Balance Sheet

A balance sheet may be made available to your Tampa family attorney from any of the following sources. Read More

Clients of a Tampa family lawyer will often have questions about how alimony is calculated.

A Tampa Family Attorney Will Explain How Alimony Works

When a marriage has ended, one spouse might receive payments from the other. This is known as alimony. Your Tampa family attorney will tell you that the factors that are taken into account for alimony differ depending on the state and usually go on a case by case basis. Read More

In order to investigate the possibility of hidden assets in divorce proceedings, specific documents are required. Yourfamily lawyer in Tampa will be a valuable resource in compiling this information.

Statements From the Bank
An experienced family lawyer in Tampa can tell a great deal about a divorcing couple by examining their financial records. The vast majority of any couple’s financial transactions are recorded in their bank statements. These accounts show what was deposited, what was withdrawn and when and can serve the family attorney in Tampa excellently well as a quick financial reference summarizing a couple’s income (missing or not) and expenditures. Read More

A divorcing couple may have a variety of assets subject to division. Certain types of assets, like a business owned by one or both spouses, may present particular issues. A Tampa family attorney can assist clients in determining the fair value of business income or property. Read More

Divorce can often spin into chaos between you and your spouse. These conflicts should be kept away from your children. A Tampa child custody lawyer can tell you that it is beneficial for children to have parents work as a team.


A Tampa family lawyer can define the marital estate for the purposes of a divorce property settlement. Special consideration is often given to gifts and inheritances received by the couple before and during their marriage.

A Tampa Family Lawyer Can Help Define the Marital Estate
The financial impact of a divorce may be one of the biggest sources of stress on a couple. Questions often arise as to how the assets should be divided. A Tampa family attorney can review the couple’s entire financial picture and advise. Generally, the property subject to division by the divorce court is called the marital estate. The marital estate will include those assets acquired during the marriage and/or due to the efforts of the couple. Read More

family lawyer in Tampa can offer legal advice and financial planning for divorcing couples. Often, a couple in financial distress can benefit from developing a “needs hierarchy” in their budget plans. Read More

One of the most difficult aspects of the divorce process is the financial impact it has on everyone involved. Divorcing spouses must learn to live without the financial support of the other spouse. If you are going through a divorce, a Tampa family attorney can help you develop a sound budget. Read More

Budgeting during a divorce involves expenses such as telephones and home maintenance. A Tampa child relocation lawyer can explain how to estimate these expenses and assist in the divorce process. Read More